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Manhattan Building Collapse: People Trapped in NYC West 57th Street, 11 Ave Building

There are reports that people are trapped inside the building.
It’s located at 11th Ave and West 57th Street.

There were reports that people are trapped inside the building, but they have been accounted for. NY1 confirmed the collapse, saying the building specifically is at W. 57th street near 11th Ave.
A CBS reporter said that at least one person was seriously injured. Photos that were being shared on Twitter show that a school bus parked outside the building may have been damaged.
Specifically, the building is located between 11th and 12th Avenues on W. 57th Street.
Officials told CBS that workers were digging inside of the partially constructed building when it came down.
Footage taken by NY1 and other broadcasters showed a hole in the side of a building.
A large number of  ambulances and fire trucks were seen in the vicinity of the collapse.
Story is developing…

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