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Ralph Lauren “Polo Wasn’t Made for the Ghetto, It’s for Middle Class & Up”

More news in the world of social and racial politics and how they relate to fashion this week as Ralph Lauren, the mogul responsible for the Polo clothing brand, stirs up some controversy stating, “Polo wasn’t made for the ghetto. It’s a brand for the middle class and up,” enraging social activists everywhere.

Michael Jordan “I Make Shoes for Suburban Whites Not Poor Black Kids.”

Several black activists have accused Michael Jordan of not doing enough for the black community
complaining that even his shoes are too expensive for most black youths, a charge Jordan has answered himself by saying, “I make shoes for white suburban kids, not the poor black kids. That would be like opening a restaurant for people without stomachs.”

Jordan did state that he and his friend Larry Bird had originally designed a shoe made for blacks called Air Birds which featured a silhouette of the Great White Hope displaying strong fundamentals. However, the shoes proved to be disastrously unpopular with black youths as many complained about the shoes smelling “like dookie,” most likely due to the fact that the shoes were largely composed of discarded potato skins and horse dung.


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