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How would you feel if you had to stay out in a cold winter night without proper clothing ? Cold right ? Well today i gotta say that all of us have enjoyed our summers and all and now we all will head to the stores to bu new clothes for the winter . You teenagers will spend hundreds and hundreds on new nikes or jordans and nice hoodies but have you ever thought that if you don't spend 200 dollars on a pair of sneakers and you actually donate those 200 towards someone who really needs them like the homeless . Do you know that the homeless will come around to your house at night in the winter coldness just to pick up plastic bottles and sell them so they can buy something like a pair of pants or a sweater . My real point in this blog is that you guys should seek some humanity and donate money to the homeless so they can at least eat or burn a fire to stay warm in the winter . You guys can stop spending hundreds on clothes and all and spend some money on your clothes and donate some other.
Like here two new brands Kobered and upathebrand are donating clothes and food for the homeless and i would love if you guys can come out into new york streets and help us help the homeless and we will love to work with you guys too . 

Officers seen rescuing a naked woman from an apartment window

A nude and suicidal woman leaped from her fifth-story window in northern Manhattan on Saturday morning — but her life was saved when she landed two stories down onto an air conditioner.
Emergency Service Unit cops were able to coax the woman out of killing herself and pull her back into the building.

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Photo: Tomas E. Gaston

“I think God just did this thing,” one witness said of the
woman’s survival.

World’s fastest man did something deeply moving for a blind Paralympic champion

Paralympic rules require blind sprinters to make their runs while tethered to their guides. But last year, three-time Brazilian sprinting champion Terezinha Guilhermina, who has also been called the world’s fastest blind woman by some outlets, revealed her guide to be none other than world-famous Olympian Usain Bolt, who joined her for a 50m sprint.

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