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A Month-by-Month Guide to Saving $1,000 and Ending the Paycheck to Paycheck Lifestyle

For a lot of people, just the thought of saving money when you're living paycheck to paycheck barely getting by is a joke.

The Paycheck to Paycheck Epidemic

In fact, a 2016 CareerBuilder survey of 3,200 full-time workers and 2,100 full-time hiring and human 

resource manager found that 75% were living paycheck to paycheckIt's not that working people

don't want to save; it's just that too many of us are struggling with trying to pay the rent and put gas in the car..

By the time the month is over, there's nothing left to save.
To help end the vicious paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, we put together this month-by-month guide to get you on track and potentially put $1,000 in your bank account.
These methods could help you get on better financial footing, no matter where you live.

Month 1

Open an online saving or checking account and deposit $5. Heck, roll your quarters if you

Man Whipped to Death for Molesting 2 Year Old Baby

Russian rebels filmed whipping serial child molester with electric tables.
The militant beating him accused him of being a ‘pedophile child molester’. Tortured man identified as Aleksey Frumkin, 42,
from south-east Ukraine is said to have done this with other children in the past. Several