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Paul Ryan Gets Caught On Hot Mic, Border Security Press Conference Is “A Waste Of My F*cking Time”

At a press conference on Tuesday, Speaker Paul Ryan defended Trump’s Muslim ban, adding that “I think it’s regrettable that there was some confusion on the rollout of this.”
After essentially admitting that he didn’t know about the executive order until it was already in place (“We were briefed on the contents of it as it was being rolled out”), and spouting some hot garbage about the importance of “border security,” Ryan left the stage.
Then, a voice muttered, “Waste of my fucking time.”

It’s not immediately clear that this was Paul Ryan himself caught on a hot mic (which wasn’t aired on the House Republican Leadership’s official feed), although that’s how it was taken by those viewing it on CNN, particularly because Paul Ryan probably would rather be spending his day calmly gutting the safety net than thinking about the disastrous and inhumane impacts of an insane policy he allegedly supports.