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Stop Sean Moore From Spreading HIV In harlem NY

My sister destiny is 19 years old she is in college John jay our mom passed away and im in canada so i havent been there for her as i should ; she was on facebook asking for jobs etc this man by the name of sean moore from  harlem newyork offered her a job with him and a dude name calz ; and one named j.o . & D selling phones ; she worked for a bout a month ; they then invited her to hang out with some "co-worker"s had a few drinks and beat and raped my sister.

 They have been on the run since ; she found out she was HIV postive a year later can you picture that being 19 finding out you have aids ; i decided to try my best to find out more info on these boys ; i found out one is a drug dealer the other lives in staten island and sean moore is already known for having AIDS my sister is his second victim is fucking sad  - here is he ad i found online

 how can someone continue to let people go around newyork spreading HIV and raping people and he hasnt been caught i wsas told he got arreseted but was bailed out and has been on the run in NYC ever since giving it to mulitple girls ! THIS NEEDS TO STOP I DONT WANT NOBODYS MONEY BUT IF I CAN SAVE A LIFE I WILL ! MY SISTER HAS TO DEAL WITH THIS SHIT FOR EVER SEAN MOORE IF YOU COME ACROSS THIS PLEASE KNOW THE HURT OUR FAMILY IS FEELING YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ARE WORTHLESS BUMS.!  this can save a life please pass it on share it cause i will till he is caught